Why Centre Parcs are the reason we had a baby (and we’ve never even been there)

A few years ago Centre Parcs had some amazing adverts, released in that free floating time between Christmas and New Years where you are still consuming rather large amounts of alcohol and food to try and keep the warm fuzzy Christmas feeing alive.

For two years running, these adverts featured outdoorsy looking parents, with well behaved children beaming at being outdoors and loving life. To go with this wonderful scene they chose two amazing sound tracks- The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition and American Authors, Best Day of my Life. Finally, to top off the swelling, heart string pulling music, the adverts carried strap lines such as ‘Memories Start Here’

It was around this time that Mr Tired Happy and I started having strange feelings towards having kids. We’d always been quite determined that we liked our child free life and we didn’t need or want children, but I had not long turned 30 and I started doing strange things, like looking at (and buying) tiny baby clothes. Instead of researching holidays to climb mountains I started looking at family holidays to visit Santa in Lapland and Featherdown Farm Holidays. But something was holding me back. I didn’t want to give up our outdoorsy lifestyle. I still had ridiculous ambitions that one day I might climb Everest or ski to the South Pole.

Then Centre Parcs released that first advert “What do you want to leave your children? Leave them something more valuable than the family silver” as the Sweet Disposition track rise and falls in the background. And the family- they were all outdoors, doing some of the things we loved. Ok, so it wasn’t climbing Everest but you know…

I fell in love with that advert.

Maybe having children wasn’t the end of life as we know it after all? A little seed in my head had been planted.

By the end of 2013 we were on the brink of making the final big decision to start a family. I had been off the pill for a couple of months and while we weren’t particularly trying we weren’t exactly being careful either. We were still scared about so much to do with parenting, birth and life after a baby.

But good old Centre Parcs turned up again just when we needed them to release this advert

‘This is gonna be the best day of my liiiiife’ went the uplifting tune. Once again those laughing, outdoorsy families filled our post Christmas screens and Mr TH and I looked at each other over our left over Christmas cake and said- we can do this!

2 years and 4 months on…

We’ve still not made it to Centre Parcs, partly because of the cost, we don’t think it’s worth it until Monkey can enjoy more of the activities with us, and partly because life seems to have just been so hectic. We may not be the perfect smiling advert ‘family’ but we do our best to get outdoors, even if it is often with gritted teeth and cursing a tantruming toddler!



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