As happy as a piglet in mud


The weather forecast and a darkening sky was not boding well for a day spent outdoors but as we were meeting friends who were due to fly back to Canada the next day, we were on the road and heading to York with our waterproofs and wellies packed.

Piglet Adventure Farm Park has recently been expanded and is continually being developed to create a great farm and play park on the outskirts of York, conveniently located just off the A64. It is somewhere we had wanted to go for a while but hadn’t quite made it. So when our friends who were staying in York suggested it as a meeting place suitable for a toddler, preschooler and 5 years old we jumped at the chance.

The drive up to the carpark past the pens with piglets in is a great way to get the kids excited for what is to come. We met our friends and headed to the shop where chaos reigned.

As we were visiting midweek and term time the main pay gates were closed and you had to go through the shop. Unfortunately my friends kids have reached the age where brightly coloured pencil sharpeners, snow globes are simply ‘must have’s’ and it took a while to persuade them that the lady in the shop would look after it all until we came back.

On the plus side, the entrance midweek and term time is reduced so 2 adults and an under 2 only cost a little over £11.

When you arrive make sure you get a map with all the feeding and petting times on. We headed straight to the Farmyard trail and the barn where feeding was about to commence.

The lambs were plucked out of their pen and allowed to wander around the barn. They were quite happy staying close to where they knew the milk was going to be. The kids had a great time bottle feeding the lambs, throwing veg to the goats and guinea pigs and finally brushing the Kuna Pigs, one of whom actually believes he’s a dog, with a sweeping brush.

Then it was petting time and a selection of bunnies, guinea pigs and chicks were brought out for the children to stroke. I have to say by this point I was more interested in stroking the super furry rabbit as the children were keen to get to the play area.

Piglets are really good at getting across the message of the importance of hand washing and there are plenty of hand washing points around the farmyard trail. So a quick hand wash and we were off to the play area.

They were really spoilt for choice here and the three of them ran around not quite sure what they wanted to do first. Ride on tractors, big bouncy pillows, pedal go karts (even two seaters so little ones can ride alongside) and a giant sand pit with a digger slide kept the three of them busy until it was time for the tractor ride.

We bounced along in the trailer behind the tractor, through the woods, stopping to find out about the woodland animals. We found this was great for all three age groups. The oldest enjoyed listening to the stories and the youngest two liked trying to spot the squirrel, badger and other creatures hidden amongst the trees and leaves. The main attractions though for all three of them was being so close to a real life tractor!

On a warmer day, the picnic area would have been great to allow the kids to keep playing but seeing as there was snow on the distant hills and an icy wind blowing directly from them, we chose to warm up in the café. Much to our delight we found that the café also had a soft play area meaning the adults could drink coffee, eat toasted sandwiches and at least attempt conversation, while the little ones hurtled themselves down slides and the into ball pool without fear of injury.

Our friends left after a raid of the shop while we went back to see the sheep and lambs being fed again. We could have spent a lot longer there but it was nap time for Monkey and suddenly the braying donkey was no longer funny so we had to leave.


Top Tips for a Day at Piglets Farm Adventure

– If you can, visit midweek and term time as they offer reduced entry

– Allow plenty of time to do everything. Our friends were on a tight timescale so I feel we rushed the kids around a lot of the play area

– Don’t worry of the weather isn’t great, the feeding and petting is in a barn and there is an indoor soft play. We had really light showers but we were wrapped up in waterproofs and wellies.


Don’t Miss

– Animal feeding and petting in the barn

– The tractor ride, great for all ages and a little break for mums and dad’s too (the kids are in a confined space and enthralled!)



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