Pop up and play- An exciting concept of family dining in cool settings

When we become parents, dining out often go one of two ways. You stoically refuse to give up dining at your usual uber cool restaurants and cafés and end up with bored children (because the toys they happily play with for hours at home are suddenly the worst things ever when you bring them to the restaurant as entertainment)

Or, you give in and realise that dining is now only possible in one of the many chain pubs that have soft play to allow you to eat at least half of your food while it’s still warm.

Thankfully, for those of us who would still like to dine in design led spaces without bored children, Pop Up and Play Co have come to the rescue. We are very excited to find out what they have to offer when we join them for brunch at the Leeds Indie Food Festival this May.


The Concept
The pop up cafés are based on the kinder café culture found in Germany and Scandinavia. This is a mix of stylish décor with family friendly touches and plenty of activities to keep the children entertained while the adults can enjoy their food.

The Setting
Leeds Docks are known as the place to be with contemporary bars, cutting edge restaurants and must have water front apartments, so it’s no surprise Google choose the Docks as their location for a six month Digital Garage Workshop last year. Google may no longer be on the premises, but as they known for their stylish décor it will be the perfect bright and airy space for Pop Up and Play Co to set up their café.

The Entertainment
While parents are enjoying that rare treat of hot coffee at brunch or a glass of chilled wine with supper, the children will be playing in the purpose built imaginative play space, firing their imagination in the reading nook or with the unique toys that will be on offer. Bear Nibbles will be there to run a super cool veggie monster competition and Okido Magazine are supplying the ultimate in cool brunch reading magazines for the kids.

The Food
The food is being created by Tom Cockerill, the Rare Breed Chef. There will be two brunch sittings per day and one supper. We have chosen an early morning brunch as this is when we think Monkey will be the most engaged with what is on offer. We will be enjoying a modern British brunch, whilst she will be tucking into a visually stimulating bento box brunch. To finish we will be fighting over enjoying a family waffle for the table.

Supper too sounds amazing, and if Monkey was a year or two older I would definitely be coming back for more in the evening. The menu is Italian inspired; meatballs three ways, buttered linguine and finished with a duck egg crème brulée. While adults can relax with a glass or two of wine the children will be entertained by a movie.

Pop Up and Play - Tom Joy [ IMG_2520 ].jpg

A Few More Details
Pop Up and Play Co brunches and suppers are taking place at Leeds Dock, Old Google Building

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May

Brunch 9.30-11.30 // 12.30 – 2.30
Supper 5.30 – 7.30

Adults: £12/ Children: £8

Buy Tickets here

We’re delighted to be attending on Saturday 21st for early brunch and will be arriving by free water taxi to start the day as we mean to go on!

We are hoping to also include a visit the Royal Armouries museum next door, but with a temperamental toddler, we may have to see how the morning goes.

The Leeds Indie Food Festival is taking place at venues across Leeds from 12 – 30 May 2016


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