Pinterest perfect dream – failed it!

While writing my guest post for Life Love and Dirty Dishes a few weeks ago about our Rookie Mistake of believing an 11 week old Monkey would love a trip to a ski slope, it got me thinking of many other parenting fails I have managed to tot up in the last 18 months.

So in a true ‘saw this on Pinterest – nailed it’ style here are my own parenting ‘failed its’;


Monkey will help with the gardening

Pinterest perfect dream
In my mind she’d be wandering around the garden a perfect picture in her little wellies, tiny watering can in hand helping Mummy & Daddy water the veggies, watching them grow then helping to harvest and eat them for dinner.

watering veg.jpg

Living the Good Life? 


Failed it
I admit to being guilty of fuelling this idea by sharing some of those blissful looking watering can & wellie type images (see above). What I don’t document in this photo is what happened before and after:

Trying to get wellies on the right foot amidst tantrums- She wanted the left wellie on her right foot!
Trying to stop her from drinking rain butt water out of watering can
Trying to stop her from digging up just planted carrots
Failing at the above and replanting carrots
Trying to stop snapping the tops off broad beans
Only managing above by picking her up bodily and removing to the house amidst wails and tears


Monkey will help bake chocolate crispies for our Easter party

Pinterest perfect dream
I will be stood in the kitchen in my lovely Sophie Allport apron, laughing while toddler stands on a stool at worktop height in matching mini apron helping mix the crispies into the chocolate

Failed it
I had chocolate smeared across my clothes as I forgot to put on apron and across my face as I wrestled Monkey off the worktop, where she has been literally head first into the mixing bowl. Once she was back onto the stool, she proceeded to smash the crispies with wooden spoon, before flinging the chocolate covered ones across the kitchen or directly into her mouth and across her face.


Chocolate wrestling- a new toddler sport

Monkey will paint a lovely picture while I paint the garden furniture

Pinterest perfect dream
It’s was a lovely sunny day so while I paint the garden furniture in Cuprinol, Monkey will sit happily on the grass with her poster paints and paper producing another award winning piece of art.


The short lived moment when poster paint met paper

Failed it
Monkey obviously HAD to use the, I’m fairly sure it’s poisonous if ingested, Cuprinol not the child friendly poster paints I had supplied her with. It was the only way her masterpiece could of course be created. When finally discouraged, due to a tendency to paint the inside of her mouth, she decided the garden furniture, grass and paving would be far nicer in a rainbow of primary colours rather than the Willow Green I had selected.


Monkey will play quietly while I sit and work

Pinterest perfect dream
We now have a playroom, with patio doors out into the garden, so on warm spring days Monkey will happily amuse herself for an hour or two, playing with her large amount of toys, wandering out into the garden while I sit and work.

Failed it
Monkey did not want to play with her kitchen (you know the one that she won’t stop playing with on the mornings I’m trying to leave to get her to nursery) Or play with her train set. She played with her dolls pram but only if it involved ramming it into the table leg and screaming when she couldn’t push it any further. Once this had been done several times, she decided all she wanted to do was ‘help’ mummy work by sitting on her knee and contributing to her writing by turning off the laptop, losing unsaved work in the process.


Why does the power button glow and attract toddlers?

Monkey and I will cuddle up on the sofa when we both feel poorly

Pinterest perfect dream
Both suffering with a sickness bug, we will curl up on the sofa, under a duvet watching TV, I will happily watch Cbeebies all day- even the repeated shows in the afternoon, in return for snoozy snuggles.


Not quite getting the idea of duvet days

Failed it
We may have both been up all night taking it in turns to throw up but while I was dying on the sofa, feeling nauseous every time I moved, Monkey somehow managed to run around shrieking, jumping on the sofa and be perfectly well in between bouts of sickness. She wasn’t interested in sitting and watching Mr Bloom, she didn’t want to help Mr Tumble with the magic, no she just wanted mummy to play kitchen, chase her or feed her rice cakes, a product I still have an aversion to after the first stomach bug we had together and she threw them up all over me- yuk.


Of course I realise that many of these things are either me forgetting she’s still so young at 18 months or trying to keep a little bit of old life (duvet sick days). I also know I have missed many, many others off the list and there will be many many more to come.

In the meantime I’d love to hear of your parenting ‘failed its’.

Diary of an imperfect mum

11 thoughts on “Pinterest perfect dream – failed it!

  1. Motherhood IRL says:

    I mainly just want to congratulate you on your ability to care for a child whilst battling a sickness bug. This is something I cannot do! I had one myself a couple of weeks ago and I had to call in reinforcements so I could sleep it off and quarantine myself from the kids, who hadn’t caught it (and, thankfully, never did). X


  2. An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum) says:

    Sorry, I probably shouldn’t be laughing and I am not laughing at but with you as we have had so many of these moments too. I have written about a couple, our disaster trip to the market and our Easter egg hunt catastrophe too (like you the pictures told a different story) this is real parenting not parenting through rose tinted glasses, thank you! TY for linking up to #FamilyFun 🎉


    • TiredHappyMummy says:

      I think we need to start a real parenting on social media revolution- or would that be the end of mankind if parents-to-be knew what it’s really like? Glad I made you laugh this morning anyway 🙂


  3. babiesbiscuitsandbooze says:

    Ahaha I love this! Hilarious. My friend sent me some really funny pictures where people had failed to get their babies to look like the ones in Pinterest pictures. Usually the babies were crying hysterically! Why are they always so fascinated by phones and laptops?! So irritating. #FamilyFun


  4. theparentingjungle says:

    Yup this sounds like my have these perfect ideals and intentions. Never goes to plan. Lol I had a sick bug when my son was 8 months and I was solo so remember trying to sing row row row your boat with a purple bucket by my side. You are never think making bread with your child is a good will be on the ceiling and take you 3 days to recover..x


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