Club Hub UK, making busy parents lives easier

As a mum who works part-time and freelance, my free time really is precious. Those few days I’m not working I want to spend with my little girl, not on the internet trying to find out what groups are on and when. There is also such a wide arrange of groups and clubs, some only suitable for babies, others for older children. Some are term time, others holiday time only. It can all get very baffling for a sleep deprived, busy parent.

When I came across Club Hub UK on Twitter I hoped they were going to deliver what they state they do. Although the Yorkshire area doesn’t have very many clubs at the moment, having seen what is on offer already in other parts of the country, I have high hopes that when this app goes live in summer this year, it is going to make my life easier, and best of all it will be free to download on Android and Apple. To make life even easier all you will need to do is put in your child’s age, interests and location and the app will list the clubs that match.


A little about Club Hub UK
The app was started by Tessa Louise Robinson, when she was struggling to find a place to advertise her own Musical Theatre Children’s Club, Tessa’s Jazz Hands. She set up through word of mouth but wished there was somewhere local parents could view all of the different groups there were to offer in the area.

Then she came across the Ideas Britain app. Tessa uploaded her ideas, received feedback and virtual funding and Club Hub started getting hundreds of views every day. Club Hub won second in Ideas Britain ‘in sport’ competition.

Make sure you follow Club Hub on the following social media channels to keep up to date with all the developments;


Visit their website:
Or E-mail:



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