Living a wild life

Once upon a time a 30 days wild challenge would have involved a month of partying, all-nighters, too much to drink and plenty of coffee to get me through the next day. In fact I think I may have done it, it was called my twenties.

Anyway, this June our wild challenge is something far more family friendly as we have signed up for the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Challenge.

What is 30 Days Wild?

The Wildlife Trust has set the challenge to add a little bit of nature to your every day for the whole of June. It can be anything from a full day mountain hike to just having lunch outside.

Heart hands @Dani Cox.jpg

Why have we chosen to accept the challenge?

We love being outside and on our days off we are almost always out exploring, walking or at least being in the garden. However, I don’t feel as though we notice enough of the nature surrounding us and often miss the little things, like the sound of bird song. Also, I’m really bad at getting outside on the days I work so this should encourage me to take my lunch out by the river, get up and have my morning coffee in the garden or take an evening walk.


So what do we have planned?

Lots! I wasn’t going to plan too many days as I want to use the 30 Days Wild Random Acts of Wildness app and cards, but once I got filling in the planner we have something planned most days. Of course this is going to be flexible as some of it is weather dependent, dancing in the rain is high on my list to do!

I’m very lucky to be collaborating with North Star Club too, who are enabling my family and I to spend two nights in a woodland cabin where we can truly immerse ourselves in nature. We are planning to get up with the dawn chorus, take woodland walks and enjoy cooking outdoors on our veranda.

At home we will be building a bug hotel, planting wildflowers in one of our borders and visiting our local Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve at Adel Dam.


How do you sign up?

There’s still time to take part in the challenge, visit

Whilst you’re there check out some of the other bloggers who will be taking part too.


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