30 Days Wild- Day 2

Day two of 30 Days Wild and I am already loving how this challenge is making me so much more aware of nature.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_02.jpg

Today I have again deviated from the planner, but seeing as it’s not even reaching double figures out there (just what you would expect in June- right?) I couldn’t bring myself to sit by the river and have lunch. I did however take my favourite post lunch stroll through the woods and by the river near to where I work.


Normally, I spend this walk checking up on Facebook, calling someone for a chat or reading personal emails. Today I had my phone with me, but instead I used it to record the bird song. Something I am not normally really aware of, but it’s beautiful!

I also noticed lots of little birds are hopping around in the undergrowth and in the trees. I spotted a blackbird looking for lunch amongst the leaves and a robin hiding in the ivy on a tree branch, singing a melodic tune. There were a few tiny brown coloured birds hopping around but I’m not sure what they are. I tried to snap a photo but apart from being camouflaged against the soil and leaves they were also very quick hoppers.

I came back to my desk, cold, but feeling like I’d had a true break for a change. I was also dying to write this blog as it just shows that five minutes in a lunch break can introduce a little bit of nature into your everyday.


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