Catching up on days 4-7 of 30 Days Wild

While I haven’t been short of things to blog about over the last few days of 30 days wild, I have been short of time. So I have decided to so a round up our last few 30 Days Wild activities.

Days 4 – Making a bug hotel

We chose to spend the very hot and sunny weekend at home in the garden allowing Monkey time to just play, sleep and do activities when she felt like it.

Saturday our 30 days wild activity was to build a bug hotel. I had envisaged this as a lovely family activity, but after sticking a couple of twigs and bamboo sticks in Monkey got bored, so I spent the morning sawing down hollow bamboo sticks and break twigs and sticks to fit the frame Mr TH had built for me.

We were really pleased with the finished product and have hung it on a tree stump. We’re hoping the leaves will grow around it and encourage more bugs to live in there.

Before we built it I wondered why bug hotels are important?

I found the answer to this question on the BBC Wildlife website. There are over 2,000 different species of insects in an average garden. Very few of them will eat our veggies and plants and lots of them will actually help protect against the ones that do!


Day 5- Wildflower planting

After morning service at church we decided to have another sunny afternoon in the garden, just relaxing and making the most of it. While Monkey napped and I worked, Mr TH tidied up the spring bulb border and painted some old bamboo canes we had laying around.

When Monkey woke up we had fun sprinkling wild flower seeds in the border so we should have some lovely late summer flowers. We also planted some sweet peas we had started growing on the kitchen window ledge. They are now in a big tub with the painted canes so they can grow up them.


Day 6 – Wild art and a visit to a SSSI

Unfortunately I was at work, but a perk of my job is that I get to go to meetings in beautiful places. As today was a scorcher I was delighted to be going to a meeting at the National Trust site Brimham Rocks. We decided that Mr TH and Monkey would come in the afternoon and meet me after my meeting too. They had great fun scrambling around the rocks and I had a wonderful tour, learning about the history of the rocks and site, some of the problems they have with bracken and silver birches.

After my meeting we met up and enjoyed a bit more rock scrambling before taking Monkey to the Wild Art table. She’s still a bit small to make an actual picture, but loved feeling the textures of twigs, moss and bark. It was a perfect evening and lovely way to enjoy nature after a day at work.


Day 7- a visit to a Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve

I have visited Golden Acre Park several times since moving back to Yorkshire and countless times before I moved and didn’t know there was a nature reserve attached the end of the park!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to stay too long, we had taken her ride on trike and while the paths were wide enough for wheel chairs so suitable to push her around on, they were also very bumpy and her trike rattles so there wasn’t much chance of us seeing any wildlife with the noise we were making. We also didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s chances either so had a quick walk around and decided to come back another day with a carrier.

We still had a great afternoon out, feeding the ducks in Golden Acre Park, cooing over the cygnets trailing around after mummy swan and eating ice cream quickly as a storm was fast approaching and we could hear thunder in the distance. On the way back to the car we were also treated to couple of squirrels running around in the grass and up trees much to Monkey’s delight.


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