Squeezing in nature even in a hectic week

I have always been keen to get outside and enjoy fresh air and nature, although I am a bit of a fair weather person which can make this tough living in Britain. But, the 30 Days Wild challenge has been great at making us a family get out whatever the weather or however little time I have and I feel it’s having a really positive effect on us.

This week has been rather stressful as I have decided to return to work full time. Mr TH will be looking after Monkey whilst searching for a job as he lost his a couple of months ago. We have loved the family time together, but now it’s time to think about our finances. I’m writing another post on the full time working mum guilt I have been battling with, so for now I’ll just leave it as a stressful week of interviews, presentations, notice handing in and guilt.

Making time to get outside and connect with nature has made life feel just that little bit more balanced and relieved a tiny bit of that stress. We’ve not had chance to enjoy days out, but it’s been lovely just connecting with nature in our own back garden or near my work place. Monkey also seems a lot happier for being out in the fresh air, I guess she is picking up on the tense atmosphere, even if we try to stay relaxed around her.

So here’s our 30 Days Wild round up for days 8-11

Day 8

Today was the day I found out I had been successful in my application for a full time job and it was an office day, so I was struggling to think of something wild to do. My parents invited us round for a celebratory dinner so we spent time in their garden while it cooked, watching the fish, frogs and tadpoles in their pond. Monkey loved watching the fish nibbling at the pond plants and the wriggly little tadpoles.

Day 9

Another full day at work in the office for me and typically it turned out to be a glorious one! My current part time job is located in an old hall surrounded by beautiful grounds and the river Nidd. I am very bad at not taking lunch breaks or making time to get out side, but having just handed in my notice I decided I really needed a break and to clear my head.

I took my sandwiches down to a picnic bench by the river and just sat there watching the water slowly drift by and feeling the sun on my shoulders.

River Image

By the time I got back to the office my foggy head had cleared and I had a really productive afternoon.

Day 10

I have already admitted to being a fair weather type of outdoors person, so when it started bucketing down with rain I had to really convince myself that being outside was a good idea. And it was! We grabbed our wellies and headed out in shorts and t-shorts to dance on the grass. I’d forgotten how lovely warm, soft summer rain was.


Day 11

Another damp day but I didn’t think twice about getting outside this afternoon as we had finally got round to sorting out the green house and I wanted to get some more veg seeds down after our delicious dinner of wonky carrots a few nights ago.

We also took the chance to have a mini beast hunt, and we found plenty of slugs, snails and a very weird looking thing we later found out on Google is a Horse Hair worm. It freaked me out a bit, so Mr TH had to do the research as I really didn’t want to look.

In the back part of our garden it has suddenly got very overgrown and we were planning on clearing it. But having seen the number of bees buzzing around in the flowers, I think we’ll leave that little corner just for nature.



3 thoughts on “Squeezing in nature even in a hectic week

      • Christine Lucas says:

        I truly believe in the power of nature and its way of heeling. I feel so much stronger when I have been outside. It’s amazing what it does for the soul.

        I am in the same position your husband is in, for six months now I’ve been looking for work. We are coping ok at the moment but the worry and pressure is always there.

        I don’t have children but I can imagine how torn you feel. Just try and be united for you baby, they can pick up so much even at a young age.

        I look forward to reading more of your blog xx


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