A week of wild

What a week we’ve had to blog about. I’m going to write an overview here and then over the next couple of weeks write in more depth about some of the places we’ve been as I can’t do them justice in a shared post.

We were lucky enough to stay at the North Star Club last Monday and Tuesday evening. A full review will be posted later this week, but to give a brief idea, this is luxury glamping. In fact, it’s not really glamping, but luxury woodland cabins that offer fur throws, a roll top bath, rainforest shower and total peace and privacy surrounded by woodland teaming with birds.

Adding nature into our days during our stay here really wasn’t difficult, we were surrounded by it. On arriving on Monday we enjoyed cooking and eating dinner alfresco on our veranda, while listening to beautiful birdsong. In the evening we took a stroll through the woods on a specially marked out trail. We spotted deer tracks, although no deer (could be to do with the noisy toddler) but saw pheasants and heard lots of birds we couldn’t identify.

After a lazy start on Tuesday of breakfast on the veranda and reading curled up on the bed by the log burner, we headed out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve at North Cave Wetlands. Once a sand and gravel quarry, the area is now a succession of lakes, full of birds including swans, moorhens, gulls as well as butterflies and dragonflies. We were lucky enough to spot a Barn Owl flying over the fields. There is something rather peaceful about sitting in a bird hide just watching nature get on with life. However, Monkey didn’t share this feeling and was only appeased by watching the diggers and lorries working at making the reserve bigger.

That evening was more alfresco dining, we made pizzas in the outdoor, wood fired pizza oven and Monkey toasted her first marshmallows on a campfire! We were even visited by a lovely hedgehog scurrying around in the undergrowth.

It was a sad goodbye to North Star Club on Wednesday after a fabulous BBQ breakfast on the veranda. But, we had decided to extend our time away and stay in my parents holiday home in Filey. We quickly dumped the bags and headed off to one of my favourite places on the North Yorkshire Moors, Goathland and a little spot I used to play at as a child. It was wonderfully nostalgic seeing Monkey run around as I used to do. The weather was pretty miserable so wrapped in rain jackets and wellies we explored the river with a fishing net, seeing what was in there. We mainly caught mud, but we did spot one lone tadpole wriggling around before it hid under a rock. We then took a short walk and we’re rewarded for our damp efforts with a steam train chugging past.

The weather was pretty miserable the following day too, so we packed up the waterproofs and wellies again and headed to the pretty fishing village of Staithes. Those of you with pre-school children who have a love of CBeebies I’m sure will know of Old Jacks Boat, which was filmed here and we loved doing the sticker trail. Our little bit of wild today was a wild and windy walk along the beach, watching the power of the waves as they crashed onto the cliffs and harbour wall.

The power of the ocean never fails to enthral me. I love it and am terrified all at once. As the second part of our holiday was by the coast, we decided that the wild in the remaining days we had there were all going to be about the sea and beach. On Friday Mr TH had to return home for a couple of hours for an interview, so it was up to Monkey and me to entertain ourselves. Even though it was yet another pretty grim day we headed to the beach anyway. We spent some time looking at all of the pretty pebbles found along the tide line and it was a great chance to teach her colours too as they were beautiful. Unfortunately I forgot to get a photo as she was getting very grumpy, we’d had so much fun I hadn’t realised it was past lunch time and into the normal nap time.

Mr TH got back later on Friday evening while we were swimming in a lovely pool at a nearby holiday resort and the next day, with the promise of some sunshine we were off to the beach again. Even though the weather was great today, my tide timetable reading skills weren’t so good. I had managed to forget in the 4 years I’ve lived away from the sea that the beach is covered for a good 2 hours plus either side of high tide, so when we arrived at the bottom of the hill the tide was already almost in and it had covered all of the rock pools we had planned to explore! We had a quick dig on the beach and paddle in the sea before sitting on the seawall enjoying the sound of the crashing waves. This was my Random Act of Wildness today, just sitting and listening, enjoying the ebb and flow of the waves as they receded before surging forward and crashing with all of their might.

We finished our week on Sunday by finally getting into the sea and feeling the power and strength of the waves we had been watching and listening to for the last few days. Mr TH and I used to be regular surfers when we lived in Jersey and I certainly have lost a lot of technique and strength, but it was wonderful to feel the cold water wash over my face, get that salty tang and the thrill when I managed to catch a wave (finally!) and ride it in, even if I was just laid down. Our dreams of Monkey being a little surf dudette have been put on hold for now, as she decided that she was cold, she didn’t like the surfboard or the sea and spent much of the time whining. Ah well, there’s still time yet!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


16 thoughts on “A week of wild

  1. Kerry says:

    Hello, I saw a link to your blog on The North Stars FB page, as we had stayed there a couple of weeks ago ( and absolutely loved it), I decided to click the link and read your review…
    As I was reading, I realised you were the other couple there when we were there! We thought you were optimistic bringing a surf board, but you told us you were heading to Filey.
    I completely agree with your review and we have told everyone about it, and told them not to tell anyone else shhhhh. We feel like it is ‘our cabin’ and don’t want everyone to know about it! Well, I hope you had a good week. I like your blog, and just had to write and say hello 😊


      • Kerry says:

        That’s exactly how I feel. We need to save some pennies first. I would like to take my mum, she is not too well. I am sure she would love to sit on the veranda and paint it is a good for the soul place for sure.
        Well, yours is the first blog I have ever read, so I look forward to more and hope Mr TH soon finds work. Although time with Monkey is precious, they soon grow up! x


  2. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) says:

    Sounds super amazing! I wish we have surfer in our beach! I live near a beach and we usually have wind and kite surfers but not surfers! I think our waves are too low even on times when the winds are strong.

    This trip is just amazing! And I am looking forward to reading the full review =)



  3. Coombe Mill says:

    What a lovely sounding adventure and so much lovely outdoor fun from start to finish. I must say a trip to the beach works whatever the weather is doing and well done on catching your wave. Keep up the good work with your little surfing babe, it will come. I now have 6 surfing babes / dudes and the house is cluttered with surf boards!

    Thank you for sharing your glamping trip at #CountryKids


    • TiredHappyMummy says:

      Ah that sounds like my perfect house! Shame we live so far away from the sea but at least we can get there for a day trip. It was a great weekend and so good being switched off from our screens, even if I did miss it by the end of the week!


  4. domesstique says:

    Now, that’s a perfect wild adventure. That’s an amazing experience to have especially for your little one. I’m sure monkey will rock being a surf dudette in the future. xx


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