Review: Surrounded by Nature at the North Star Club

I am typing the start of this review whilst sitting on the veranda of the Moon cabin at North Star Club. The only sounds are the birds singing and the occasional drip of rainwater off the trees surrounding the cabin… oh the occasional whining of an over tired toddler (sorry other North Star Club guests)


When I saw on Facebook that they were looking for people to review the North Star Club, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to write the review as part of our Wildlife Trust 30 days wild challenge. Situated in woodland teeming with birds, deer and even a couple of peacocks we were definitely going to spend some time getting closer to nature.

As we drove down the single track lane, the sky was darkening across the Wolds and occasional splashes of rain hit the windscreen. I was starting to wonder if staying in a woodland in a storm would be a good idea, but apart from a little bit of rain the storm never materialised. Although it’s not far from the A1079, by the time you drive down the single track lane and along the track you feel a million miles away from civilisation.

As we pulled up David came out to meet us, along with a very excitable spaniel Eddie. Monkey was in her element as Eddie tried to climb into the car to greet her and all the way to the cabin, and for a while after we had repeated requests of ‘more dog peease’.

David was friendly, welcoming and very relaxed, which really reflected the whole vibe of North Star Club. He gave us a quick show round and all the important information then we were left to settle in.


Sleeping and Splashing

The Moon cabin is one of 5 at present, although they are building at least 3 more. Each of the cabins are secluded almost entirely from each other and are well spaced apart by 25 meters so you can forget you’re not alone in the woods. The décor inside the huts is a reflection on owners Christian and Carolyn’s, designer past. They may look like fairly unassuming cabins from the outside, but on stepping through the double doors from the veranda you are transported into a luxurious hideaway.


Fur throws covered the bed and chair, tree trunks made up the four posts of the bed, a wood burner in the corner of the bedroom was wonderfully romantic and candles adorned the bedroom and bathroom. In the latter room a roll top bath sat down one side of the room and a rainforest shower was tucked neatly behind a slate wall. A long wooden bench with candles and another fur throw made the room feel the most luxurious bathroom I have ever been in. Both rooms were big enough to hold a substantial party in.


Monkey actually looked like she could swim in the bath, she loved the space to splash around and as soon as she was out, I lit the candles, filled the bath with the fabulous smelling Sedburgh soap company bubble bath and soaked in there until Monkey was in bed and Mr TH had lit the wood burner in the bedroom.


In terms of dining, the North Star Club says it’s not self-catering, but in the living area there is a small fridge/freezer, kettle, small table and crockery, glasses and plates. On the veranda is a gas BBQ that also has a gas ring and a washing up tub and liquid is provided. No food, other than squidgy to die for brownies, is offered on site, so there is a self-catering element to it. There are some fabulous looking places to dine nearby.

On the first night we decided to BBQ on the veranda. Had we been organised enough to plan two days in advance, and had it not been a Monday when they are closed, we could have ordered a BBQ pack from The Star in the nearby village of Sancton. As it was, we picked up supplies en route and enjoyed a wonderful meal alfresco.

The second night we decided to try the pizza oven at the communal Woodshed. I can imagine curling up on a winters evening in the Woodshed with the fire lit, a good book and glass of red wine. As it was, we spent very little time in here as the weather was so lovely on the second night, but we loved the covered campfire area.


We picked up supplies in nearby Market Weighton and Monkey loved putting the pizzas together and watching them go in the oven. After dinner we lit the campfire and toasted marshmallows, another hit with Monkey as it was her first campfire experience.

Out and About

We decided to take the chance to just unwind and mainly enjoy what the North Star Club offers, peace, quiet and relaxation. We did go out for lunch and to visit a local nature reserve, but spent a lot of the time reading, playing Pass the Pigs and just listening the sounds of the woodland. There is also a marked walk around the woodland, where I imagine without a rowdy toddler you would see quite a lot of wildlife. I wrote a full round up of our time at the North Star Club and the rest of the week here.

There is lots to do nearby, their website gives lots of great suggestions.


Overall Impression

We loved it and cannot recommend staying here enough. It’s such a wonderful blend of being in nature but staying in luxury. We love nothing more than camping or staying in a Woodmans Hut, but this is a completely different experience.

I have to say though, I wish we had left Monkey with her grandparents. It’s not that the North Star Club is unprepared for children, there is a smaller second bedroom with bunkbeds and they provided a cot and a highchair. It’s just I don’t feel we managed to truly experience the wonderful get away from it all feeling as we spent most of our time chasing after her. I also felt very sorry for the couple staying one cabin down for us, because Monkey is definitely at the terrible two stage (several months early) and nothing can be done without whining, crying or a full on tantrum. Maybe in a couple of years it would be fine to bring her, but we are definitely returning at some point in the future just as a couple.

We stayed on a complimentary basis but our midweek, two night stay would normally have cost £340. Is it worth it? Yes, I believe it is. Ok you can choose to cook your own food and do your own washing up if you wish, but there are also plenty of places to go out to eat if you’d rather not. You are though paying for the location, the fabulous interior and the chance to switch off from your hectic world and recharge.


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