Going wild in the garden, at work and in the countryside


Since coming back from our week away I have to say I have struggled to squeeze a bit of wild into every day, but I think we have even if it’s not a new experience or it’s just getting into the garden and tracking how our veggie patch is coming along.

Days 20 – 22 Enjoying wild in the back garden

The first day back to work from holiday was hectic so on Monday afternoon we took time as a family to relax in the garden which included introducing Monkey to cloud watching. Obviously trying to keep a 20 month old toddler still for more than 2 minutes was never going to happen but Mr TH and I enjoyed seeing crocodiles and elephants in the clouds and it was a nice way to relax for a couple of minutes.


Until I go full time in a few weeks I’m lucky to only be in my part-time work on a Monday then off on a Tuesday. Having been away from the world of Wi-Fi for a week I had a lot of freelance work to catch up on followed by post holiday washing and food shopping so I didn’t get out until later on in the day. I was stuck for something to do, so I used the 30 Day Wild app for a Random Act of Wildness and got walk in the grass barefoot. It was lovely and I’m pleased to have kicked off my shoes and felt the warm earth beneath my feet. We even persuaded Monkey to give it a go, she seems to be coming round the idea at last!

Another thing we have really been enjoying since we moved to this house earlier this year is our veggie patch. We are so lucky to have a section at the end of the garden where we have put in a raised bed, have a green house and a couple of fruit trees and raspberry canes. We’ve left a corner of this area wild and we watch the bees busy with their work, it’s also a good place to relocate snails and slugs we find munching on our vegetables. This week we harvested the remains of our carrot crop. They are so sweet and tasty, can’t wait to plant some more, but for now we have planted peas in their place, so hopefully we’ll be as successful with them!



Day 23- watching nature in a lunch break

I’ve mentioned before that I am really lucky that my current place of work is located in a park by a river, so I try (and often fail) to fit in a lunch time walk. Today was a glorious day so not only did I take a walk, but I also took my sandwiches and sat by the river, watching it meander by. On my way back to the office I spotted a couple of squirrels scurrying around at the foot of the trees. I love squirrels, they are always dashing here and there, being mischievous or looking really cute. I stopped for a while and watched their antics. Unfortunately my attempt at capturing them was thwarted by a finger smudge over the lense!

Finger smidge.jpeg

I promise there is a squirrel in there!

24 and 25 what happens in the night garden?

Our lounge is at the front of the house and I often wonder what wanders around the back garden when we’re not there. One evening we were lucky to see a beautiful red fox slink across the garden, through the hedge and into the veggie patch.

On Friday night we decided to set up our waterproof camera in the veggie patch and set it to capture a picture every 30 seconds.

On Saturday we were very excited to find out what we had captured… well after scrolling through several hundred photos we found we had captured a bird hopping around the raised bed and a whole army of slugs eating their way through our veggies. But then it got darker and we hadn’t turned the flash off, so that’s all we captured. I guess a flashing light wasn’t going to attract night time wild life- oops!

Another disappointment was seeing a dead hedgehog on the road outside our house on Saturday morning. We live in the suburbs, on a well-lit, very wide street with a 20mph speed limit. How someone failed to miss a hedgehog I do not know. As I was wondering what exactly to do with a dead animal, Mr TH shouted through to quickly look out of the window. As I did a Red Kite swooped down and picked up the hedgehog before soaring back up and flying off. I was pleased that even though the hedgehog was presumably killed by mankind, at least it was made use of by nature.

26 Pooh sticks and country walk

By Sunday I needed to get out and into the countryside. I often get cabin fever if I don’t get away from the house enough, so we headed out to the Yorkshire Dales straight after church.

As a child we spent almost every weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, on the East Coast or on the North Yorkshire Moors and I have very fond memories of being about run around, exploring rivers, fields and trees. I hope Monkey grows up enjoying and appreciating the outside as much I as have.

One of my favourite places growing up and now is Bolton Abbey. We were just going for a short walk along the river, but realised it wasn’t actually too far to walk down to the Cavendish Pavilion from where we were parked at Barton Bridge, so we ended up enjoying a good 5 mile walk, with Monkey alternatively in the carrier rucksack and walking. Apart from one tantrum and one fall, which resulted in her first plaster, she seemed to really enjoy it and managed to walk over a mile.

We made it fun by playing Pooh sticks, watching the ducks on the river, playing hide and seek and sniffing flowers. We also took the chance to practice animal names, noises and Makaton signs when we saw dogs, cows, sheep and rabbits. A good fun and educational Sunday afternoon!



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