30 Days of Wild – The Final Week and Reflection

So that’s the end of 30 days wild challenge and surprisingly I have found it a challenge sometimes! Our lives are going through quite a big change which has all happened very suddenly and hasn’t helped but the main thing I’ve come away with from this is that even though we get outside everyday as a family, we don’t always appreciate nature.

Heart hands @Dani Cox

I’ve really enjoyed the little things; noticing bird song during a lunch time walk, dancing in the rain and eating carrots grown in our garden have been highlights. Of course our stay at North Star Club and being surrounded by woodland, birds and wild animals was amazing too and we have the lasting reminder of our bug hotel which I’m hoping has some residents in it by now, although we’ve not seen any.

We’ve missed most of this final week which is a bit disappointing, but other weeks we’ve done loads so I’ve taken a flexi- time approach and not felt too bad. We’ve been nursery hunting before I go back to full time work and so we are prepared for when Mr TH finds work and have found it really difficult, especially with the wet weather, to get out.


So on the last day of the challenge Monkey made a piece of wild art with some treasures picked up in the garden and along the way during this month. We’re going to keep it on the fireplace as a reminder of our month and that just getting outside doesn’t necessarily mean we are appreciating nature- but that we should.


If you’ve enjoyed reading about our 30 Days Wild Challenge, why not find out more about The Wildlife Trust and the work they do protecting and reviving nature in the UK.


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