Easing the strain with Hippychick at Silverstone F1


A little bit of back story

My back has been one part of me that I have never had problems with. Well, that was until I was into my second trimester of pregnancy when I started with lower back pain. Following the rather long labour, which included an epidural and trip to theatre for a forcep delivery where they may or may not have dislocated my hip (there’s no mention on my notes but I have never got my leg at that angle before and the doctors were overheard discussing how they had popped it back in, and I’m 100% sure they didn’t mean the baby) I suffered agonising back and hip pain for months after, even with physio.

So now back ache is part of my life, most of the time its fine and I don’t really notice it, but every now and then something happens, like the most recent slip in a supermarket, annoyingly just before I was to spend a weekend at Silverstone F1, which I knew would involve a lot of carrying our rather heavy little Monkey.

Thankfully, I had been chosen to test out the Hippychick Hip Seat from a call-out on Facebook. I have read so much about these hip seats and I kept wondering if they really did take the strain from carrying a toddler.


Silverstone F1 Grand Prix

We wondered how Monkey would last with 2 or 3 days of racing to watch, she’s at an age where she’s interested in everything, but not for long. With this in mind and a late start on the Friday we decided that 2 good days would be better than 3 potentially testing days and skipped straight to the post racing entertainment of Scouting for Girls and Texas on the Friday evening.

On Saturday my parents secured us a great place for our camping chairs, but even thought we were up on a hill we still needed to stand when the Qualifying started. This is when the Hippychick Hip Seat became invaluable. Normally we are only able to carry Monkey for fairly short periods, even Mr TH finds it hard on his back and arms if he’s carrying her for too long, so as soon as the qualifying started he strapped on the Hip Seat and encouraged her to sit on it with her legs wrapped around his waist.


Sitting pretty with Daddy

One of the great things about the hip seat is that you don’t need to use your arm to support your toddler, which alone helped with the length of time we could carry her.

The other is the fact you don’t need to stick your hip out, you stand up right and the seat acts as your hip. When I carried her on the Sunday, I found I was still sticking out my hip, just out of habit. When my back started aching because of the bend, I straightened up and the feeling of release was fantastic.

As it was so much busier on the Sunday, we had to get to our spot quite early (although not too early as my lovely parents left at 7am to secure us another great spot opposite the podium) By the time it got to the race Monkey was getting a bit restless, even after many walking trips around. Having given my back a rest on the Saturday, during the race on the Sunday we took it in turns to hold her and use the Hippychick.

As mentioned above, once I got out of the habit of sticking my hip out, I found I could hold her quite comfortably, even with a really sore back. Monkey also found it made a great vantage point in which to stand and try and be centre stage. Not sure this is actually in the how to use manual, but it meant we got to watch a few more uninterrupted laps of the race.



Were there any negatives?

I found it hard to find any real negatives about the seat, our only issue was child related. After about three quarters of the race, Monkey got bored and decided that she didn’t want to sit on the seat. She still wanted to be held, but only on the opposite hip to the one the hip seat was on! As only a toddler can explain, she decided it was the work of the devil for a short while and did all she could to make sure her bum didn’t touch the seat. That was when she found she could stand on it and realised it wasn’t too bad.

Me with Hippychick

Toddler Logic – Monkey deciding that she might die if her bum sits on the hip seat!

Would I recommend the Hippychick Hipseat?

Yes! I would definitely recommend it for anyone attending an event like we did with a toddler, even if you have a bad back.

Since Silverstone we have also used the hip seat on a walk when Monkey decided she didn’t want to be in the back carrier, then after 3 steps decided she really didn’t want to walk either. To reduce the tantrums of getting her back into the carrier we used the hip seat for the rest of the walk and we were all happy.

I was very kindly given a Hippychick Hip Seat to try out and keep, but all my thoughts and opinions are my own and I write honest and unbiased reviews. If you would like to purchase your own hi seat, visit the Hippychick website 


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